Panchem Industries



Panchem Industries is all about science-driven solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions for crop protection and plant nutrition. Our insecticides, herbicides and fungicides are essential in keeping insects, weeds and crop diseases at bay. To nourish plants from root to leaf, our plant nutrition products promote growth and build resilience against climatic stress. We also offer seed treatment solutions to arm seeds with that extra protection against pests and diseases for successful germination.


Insects like stem borer and chafer beetle are pests to important crops such as rice and maize. Strategic application of insecticides would prevent crops from damages brought by insect pests, and keep insect pests at bay.

Crops can be susceptible to fungal infection like moulds and blights. When it happens, it can inhibit crop growth, hence well-timed application of good fungicide can provide effective disease control for crops and preserve crop yield.

Seed Treatment
Seed treatments play a significant role in improving the establishment of healthy crops, by covering seeds with protection prior to planting. This way, this method enhances early development of the crop while minimising risk of early-season insects and seedborne/soilborne diseases.

There are three common types of weeds – sedge, grass and broad-leaf. Weeds undermine crops’ growth by out-competing crops for resources such as water, sun and soil nutrients. Herbicides help farmers to manage weeds to ensure optimal growth for their crops.

Plant Nutrition
Other than water and sun, healthy crops also require adequate nutrients in the soil to grow. Farmers add fertilisers to the soil, tailored for specific crops to add fertility to the soil, promote crop growth and build crop resilience against climatic stress.